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Unique Pain Management Therapies and Treatments for Your Relief

Do you want to turn to a pain relief specialist who offers unique solutions in Herndon, VA? Maybe you want to take advantage of our electromagnetic wave therapy? In either case, Acu Health is the right choice for you. We are ready to help you with your pain management problems and have various other therapies for your healing and relaxation.


Our Services


We offer various treatments that rely on the natural healing process of the body and are unique in their own right. These can include our electromagnetic wave therapy, treatments for depression, anxiety, pain management, and brain-related problems, as well as homeopathic medicine and herbal solutions. The procedures we do can ease stomach aches, pressure pain behind the eyes, headaches, and are also applied for pimples, wrinkles and black circles, and ladies acne.


What We Do

When you visit us, we will do a full check-up and examination, before any treatment is to begin. After that, you can make a specific request or allow us to recommend the therapy that will best help your condition. You can count on us to ensure your comfort and rid your body of the stress and accumulated pain. Choose our unique physical therapy for the betterment of your health, and visit us to enjoy a soothing, inviting, and relaxing environment!

Why Choose Our Services

In business since 2013, we work with skilled therapists who have over 17 years of experience and can help you with all kinds of brain, physical, and pain related problems. No health insurance is required or needed for our therapies, and we provide our service at affordable rates.

If you are located in Herndon, VA, and you seek relief and relaxation for your body and mind, Acu Health is the place for you. Call us today to book an appointment!


by Juan Butler on Acu Health

I always visit these people after the working week is over. They help me relax and leave any pain behind for the great start of my weekend. I sincerely recommend their services to anyone who is looking for skilled pain relief therapists. I also want to express my gratitude. Thank you for everything, and keep helping people the way you know best!

Acu Health
Address: 1110 Elden St Suite 202A Herndon, VA 20170
Phone: (609) 424-6708


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